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The hub of Sophie’s Art School: A Community for Artists and Art Lovers

The Art Cafe

About The Cafe

A free-to-join place for artists and art lovers to come together and hang out.  A place to chat, learn and feel welcome and supported. A place to make friends, share your art, ask your questions, and help others without feeling shy. Come on in, grab a chair and share what you’ve got going on on your easel!

Sophie’s Art School

The Art Cafe is the hub  of Sophie’s Art School. The Cafe is the place were students and visitors hang out and chat, share their art, ask questions and get feedback. It is free to visit and we hope it will become your regular. Non students are very welcome!

About Sophie

Hi, I am Sophie Ploeg, an artist, tutor and writer. I wanted to create the Art Cafe so we can all have a place to share our art, ask any and all questions and basically create an amazing community of friends.  My eCourses will also be hosted within the Cafe, but they will have their own ‘table’.  The Cafe is free for all so please tell your arty friends!

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