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Sophie Ploeg

The Art Cafe

Sophie Ploeg

Welcome to The Art Cafe

A Free and Public Community for Artists and Art Lovers. The Hub of Sophie’s Art School.

About The Art Cafe

A place for artists to chat, learn and feel welcome and supported. A place to make friends, share your art, ask your questions, and help others without feeling shy. So, what have you got on your easel today?

Hi! I am Sophie Ploeg and this is the free and public Cafe within my online art school!

Grab a chair, someone should bring you a drink, and join in!

This cafe is the heart of my art school.  The cafe is open to all and a buzzing busy place full of people painting, chatting, reading and drawing.  

There are tables (topics) for oil painters, pastel fans, acrylics painters and so much more!

In the side menu you will find ’Studios’. These are the private communities for courses, workshops and Art School Members. Access to these is via the Art School website where you can sign up for a course, workshop or, if you want it all, membership! 

In the Art School we bust painting myths, we practice by trial and error and we find what works. The ethos of the school is ‘Busting the Myths of Painting’ so that you can express yourself creatively without anything stopping you. 

Courses, classes and groups will help you learn the skills and gain the confidence to be able to paint whatever you want to paint. 

Thanks for visiting The Art Cafe - I hope it will become your ‘regular'

Why not have a look for yourself?

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 and when you want to post something or reply to someone’s post, simply make a free account and you’re all set!

The Art Cafe is free, public and welcomes you!

Sophie’s Art School

The Art Cafe is the free and public hub of Sophie's Art School. Do drop in!

You can browse the courses and workshops available. 

Membership to Sophie’s Art School is available too, giving you access to all current and future courses and workshops. And if you prefer a more personal approach then consider becoming a Premium Member for in-depth support and encouragement with your art courses. 

About Sophie

Hi, I am Sophie Ploeg, an artist, tutor and writer. I wanted to create the Art Cafe so we can all have a place to share our art, ask any and all questions and basically create an amazing community of friends. This place is ad-free.  The Cafe is free for all so please tell your arty friends!


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It’s free and it’s fun. C’mon, let’s see what you’ve got on your easel today! 

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